Cowl Neck Shirt

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Cowl neck top // American Eagle Jeans // Old Navy felt hat // similar brown clutch // similar watch // Mercanti Fiorentini shoes (sold out, similar here)

First off, my camera went wonky with the flash but I’m loving this outfit! I got this cowl neck top when I was in Philly a few months back from Macy’s. I really wasn’t trying to buy anything (broke college student probs) but was so cold I needed another layer. I definitely did not pack well for that trip, but hey I got a cute top! It’s super cute and easy and can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn it with these flats before and just love the combo, so I did it again. Also this hat… this hat has caused me some stress. I have had it since November but never found the right outfit to pair it with. I like it with this but how many times can I wear this same outfit, so if you all have any felt hat outfit inspo, please help your girl out! Also make sure to follow me on Pinterest for some extra outfit inspiration!

Happy Martin Luther King Day! Don’t just look at it as a day off, think about the change he caused! Have a lovely day peeps!



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