Sherri Hill Review + Prom Throwback

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img_3713img_3688fullsizerender-42fullsizerender-41I wanted to share a little prom throwback today. I wanted to share my experience with buying at Dillard’s and buying a Sherri Hill dress at a boutique. This post will mainly talk about Sherri Hill and Kotsavos, the boutique where I got the dress.

Okay, so for some reason I’ve been (or was) obsessed with Sherri Hill since like fifth grade. I actually told myself in fifth grade that I was going to buy a Sherri Hill dress for prom, of course not knowing how freaking expensive they are!! Anyway my fifth grade dreams came true for my senior prom. I had a few dresses in mind, this one in particular, I even had it pinned on my Pinterest. I fell and love and bought it the day I first tried it on because it was the only one left and Sherri Hill wasn’t making anymore of this style for that year.

All was great until the day of prom. The dress has a pretty long train for a prom dress and someone stepped on it and ripped a couple holes in the bottom of the dress. One of the off-the-shoulder parts of the dress came apart too. It wasn’t it from my dancing, because I literally don’t dance, so I wasn’t being wild or anything. I don’t know if too many people tried on the dress at Kotsavos but a $600 + dress shouldn’t fall apart like that…

If I had to do it again, I’d probably still buy it, I love that dress so much and I don’t plan on selling it! The point of all of this is to not bend over backwards just to buy an expensive dress. I had money saved up so I wasn’t stressing too much, but definitely be aware of the style of the dress and the price!

I believe you can still buy this dress, and it’s probably way less then what I payed for. It’s Sherri Hill style 50086 for reference.

fullsizerender-40fullsizerender-39Onto Dillard’s, so my junior year prom dress came from there and I had no complaints. It was about $200 ( I can’t remember the brand, its at home) and held up really nicely. The only thing with buying from department stores is that other people may have the same dress, not many people are willing to spend $600 + on a dress so there won’t be as much of a duplicate risk. Choose wisely ladies and gents!! Similar striped dress here and here.

Anyway that’s all. This post is incredibly long, but I hope you prom-goers take something away from this!



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